‘Who is my neighbour? Serving a wounded world in inter–religious solidarity’ is the theme of the next SEARCH Journal colloquium, to be held on Saturday, 17th April 2021.

The programme for the day is as follows: 

10am INTRODUCTION: The Wounds of the World – Covid, climate change, hunger, discord, lack of space, competitiveness v. sharing; othering v. acceptance. God’s call to us: repent and respond!

Welcome: Archbishop John McDowell

Speakers: Revd Dr Peniel Rajkumar (WCC), with Prof Maureen Junker Kenny, Prof Duncan Morrow, and Revd Dr Patrick McGlinchey.

Chair: Revd Steve Brunn

11.30am THE WIDER VISION: Interreligious Solidarity and Hope.

Speakers: Prof David Ford with Dr Rupert Sheldrake, Shayk Dr Umar Al–Qadri, Brother Martin of Shantivanam, Revd Myozan Kodo Kilroy, and Mrs Hilary Abrahamson.

Chair: Canon Dr Ginnie Kennerley


1.50pm RESPONSE TO THE CHALLENGE: at local, national and international level

Speakers: Bro. Jean–Marie (Taizé), with Rt Revd Andrew Forster(ICC), Greg Fromholz, Nicola Brady (IICM), Prof Esther Mombo, and Canon Delene Mark.

Chair: Ven Gordon Linney

3.15pm SERVING THE NEIGHBOUR: Concerted action to serve and save the world.  

Speakers: Archbishop Michael Jackson (chair) with Prof David Ford, Dr Peniel Rajkumar and key speakers as arranged.

For details on how to join the colloquium via Zoom, please email the Revd Chris West, Search Journal’s social media manager, at searchjournalsocialmedia@gmail.com

Participants are asked to check in at 9.50am on the day to be sure of a place

Source: ireland.anglican.org